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  • Gavroche Emile Bayard
    Emile Bayard
  • Gavroche Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

Who is Gavroche

Gavroche originates from a fictional character in the classic French historical novel Les Miserables by renowned author Victor Hugo, written in 1862. The narrative has since inspired numerous films, a musical and many theatrical adaptations.

Gavroche is a little boy living on the streets of Paris during the 1832 French Revolution, a time of anti-monarchist insurrection when the country faced acute social instability, poverty and food shortages.

With cheerful patience, Gavroche makes fun of his own troubles, but is keenly sensitive to the sufferings of others. Hunger, he feeds the elderly; cold, he clothes the shivering youngsters he meets in the streets.

The picture of Gavroche helping his little brothers, his father, and fighting republican students depicts courage, impertinence, and the ingenuity of him and his kind against all odds and over adversity.

Over time, Gavroche has become a slang term for a street urchin or street child, and in French, gamin.

The Bakery concept

Gavroche somehow inspires the bakery’s vision of the world where small ventures, with motivation and authenticity, can carry out abundance and quality to everybody.

We also like the idea to have our French Bakery embodied by a child, likewise French, loving breads of course, and having a strong personality.

No one should be deprived from good and healthy food?
Since 2010, we endeavor making and serving affordable french specialty breads and pastries. We are everyday glad to see young and grown-up, from various nationalities, connoisseur or simply curious, pushing our door and indulging themselves.

We manage to keep quality goods and reasonable prices by confectioning all our products, without importing or sourcing from major industrial bread/pastry manufacturer. We choose quality ingredients and use proper French baking and pastry techniques.
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Bon apetit!

French Pastry

French Pastry

Delicious freshly baked french croissants & more just out of the oven!


We are one of the first to open. Come from 6:30 am to try our breakfasts!


Our sandwiches are made from fresh homemade bread and natural ingredients.
Coffe & Tea

Coffe & Tea

Try our refreshing espresso, aromatic cappuccino or rich latte (served hot or cold).


Mille-feuilless, Choco Flans or Meringues? Choose your own way to sweet the day!
Bread & Baguettes

Bread & Baguettes

Freshly baked french baguettes and rustic bread every day!